Title: FUTURE FISH (Haruka x Rin)
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60/? Free! 500px gifs

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In the end of blue.

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Haru once caught a cold before swimming semi-finals, in order to fix him up rin hugged him all night long to give him all his ”heat” so haru would feel better and would be able to swim the semi-finals. It actually worked

It’s a HaruRin thing; Fascinated expressions/they from the other’s POV + “Guys, we’re still here…”

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This totally happened when everyone sent Rin off at the airport and no one can convince me otherwise.

or maybe it will happen everytime Rin comes back to Japan 


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Haruka Nanase and cherry blossom petals (◕‿◕✿)

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Headcanon that whenever rin and haru are in the same country for a competition, rin asks random people in the streets how to say ”I love you” in the country’s language, so he can whisper it in haru’s ear before swimming


Senpai, Shota, Pimp-kun and Tsun.

I loved you guys more than I should’ve.

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